2017 Chippewa County Farm/Tractor and Machinery Safety Certification Course

Tractor and farm machinery operators need to be knowledgeable and safety-smart.  Studies show that many farm accidents are caused by inexperience, carelessness, hast, fatigue, stress, or poor judgment and attitude.  These problems, and practical tractor operation, will be discussed by program instructors.  With certification, youth ages 12 to 16 will be allowed to operate tractors or self-propelled implements of husbandry on a public road, under the direction of their parent or guardian.  Youth ages 14-15 will be certified to be employed or to work without pay on a farm other than their family farm.

Upon successful completion of this 24-hour program, the student will receive certification in both the State and Federal Tractor and Machinery Programs.  Two county sites will offer this 24-hour tractor and machinery safety certification program to Chippewa County youth.  Schools offering this special training program include Bloomer and Stanley.  Registration for this training is $30.00 per person which covers the cost of education materials.  Participants are asked to bring a sack lunch.

To learn more and to print the registration form click here.